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  • Heather Alden

    July 25, 2022 at 2:28 pm

    I enjoyed learning about the 4 techniques shared to Engage and Hook students. I appreciated hearing about needing a class culture of Notice and Wonder and that you need to do it multiple times for it to become smooth and effective each time. I also wonder if when using this in the past, I had not withheld enough information or created enough anticipation for the notice and wonder to be engaging.

    This section had me wondering about Building Thinking Classrooms and I am curious about your thoughts as you have quoted the author a few times so far. I read that book in the spring and it was very specific that in optimizing thinking you can only lead an introduction for 5 minutes or less before sending students to a task. I am curious how you see this framework within that context. That being said, I have done 3 Act Tasks in the past with many elements you have described today with great engagement so I almost wonder if BTC and 3 Act Tasks are just 2 separate fantastic structures to have an engaging math class through? I would love to hear your thoughts about the timing of the introduction of a “challenge” or “task.” Can these hooks be accomplished in less than 5 minutes or is it a separate structure from BTC?