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  • Jorgelina Corral

    July 25, 2022 at 12:30 am

    I am reflecting on both this lesson and the previous one as I did them back to back. I am really concerned with the anticipation step. I 100% get the importance of anticipating and doing a lot of that leg work before a lesson. However, as a new teacher, that is a really hard task. I can see this getting easier with time, or having presented the material before–if you’re teaching it for the first time though, do you suggest asking colleagues? Or trying to figure out different ways of solving the same problem?

    From these 4 “during moves,” I think selecting and connecting are going to be the simplest to execute as they really have to do with the content. The monitoring and asking questions to push thinking forward is going to be a bit more challenging for me as I don’t want to just “give it away.” I think this is going to take practice.

    I’m glad I’m on my summer break, so that I can practice with my kids. Maybe attempt some of the kinder ones with my daughter.