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  • Theresa Gieschen

    July 14, 2022 at 1:37 pm

    I was really happy to here your thoughts on making students feel safe and valuing student voice. I teach in an alternative program and students have huge fears and negative feelings about math. There is a lot of thought needed in giving students opportunities to share what they see and know about a situation. Patience is also required. I talked with a student today about not fearing estimation. I went on to talk with them about reasonableness. The high achiever avoidance is really true. I don’t usually have many of these students, but they think there is something about being able to do traditional math that makes them superior to other learners. My students often talk about traditional math and students being told at sometime how smart they are. There is always a point where it becomes hard and some students shut down because they do not know where to go from there. They do not know how to struggle and work their way through the problem.