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  • Marion Mulgrew

    July 13, 2022 at 11:02 am

    I love manipulatives. I encourage parents to even play with the different colored sugar packets when out with their kids and just make patterns. For my middle schoolers, I find that I grab them to help demonstrate a concept and ask questions that they can show me their thinking from when they can’t find the words, or they don’t connect to yet from a written method. I do find that my starting and then letting them decide to use them anytime they want, breaks the ice. I also noticed that if the manipulatives are in a closet or on a shelf, they don’t get used often, whereas at desk stations, they are easy to grab and return so they get used more.

    I like Marian Smalls’ ideas, and I’m thinking of incorporating them into the first week of school for a number sense “unit” for 7th grade. I want to work with positive rational numbers before jumping them in to integers.