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  • Laura Compean

    July 11, 2022 at 4:01 pm

    I chose Sowing Seeds to see how students would have 78 seeds and split into 6 different pots. Some students drew 6 circles and started putting 5 seeds per pot, found they could do it again, then added 2 more per pot finally 1 more per pot to make 13 seeds per pot. Another group started with 10 seeds per pot for 60 seeds, saw they had 18 seeds left over so they divided that into 3 seeds per pot. Another group started putting 6 seeds per pot for 36 then they doubled that for 72 and only needed 1 more seed per pot for a total of 13 seeds/pot. I showed them the area model to represent their multiplication. I really enjoyed seeing all the students work with multiplication opposed to long division with this problem.