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  • Julie Gonzales

    July 6, 2022 at 6:54 pm

    As a math specialist/coach, teachers are always asking how to order student generated representations in order to bring out the mathematical concept of the lesson in a way that makes sense. My reply has been that they know where their class is at (where student thinking is at) and to go with the visual representations first. My past thinking has been for students who might not have a visual in their work, it might give them something to connect their work to. Then to choose student representations that might have visuals with equations. Now I am challenging my own thinking in that since there are so many ways to think about questions that maybe my answer ought to be: “I wonder if it is more important to find the connections in the solutions presented rather than worrying about which order to have students present?” The connections I could see in the first problem presented about finding the height of the table made me realize that all of the solutions are related – it is just up to the teacher to consolidate that learning.

    So one of the activities I want to do at the beginning of next year’s professional development will be the heart representation from lesson 3-4. I really think that multiple representations, along with the visual representation will bring out many different teacher generated solutions for us to discuss. But most importantly it can show teachers how to connect the variety of ways they solved the same problem and how they are related.