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  • Deanna Semyon

    July 6, 2022 at 12:07 pm

    I have a few take aways from this workshop.

    The first thing I need to do is get familiar with the curriculum of the four math classes I will be teaching this year and be confident with the curriculum,

    I love the idea of sparking curiosity and making math meaningful for students. I took this course because I wanted to get away from the traditional way of teaching math that I have seen not work for my students who have learning support needs. I am excited to know that my idea of working with real life and exciting ideas for all math concepts is real- it just takes a bit of work and it can become meaningful to students while meeting the curriculum guides/standards.

    Interleaving the curriculum is perfect for a student who has difficulty learning math and is in an intervention math course. The strategies of spiraling warm ups, think back Thursdays, Monday Makeovers and interleaving assessments are things that I can see myself doing even though this will be my first year teaching math courses.

    I am beginning to understand the ideas of how to set up a daily math class and will be looking at more of your YouTube or past podcasts for more information.

    I would love to access your planning sheet that you had indicated would be listed below video, as well as the Learning Log document. Those are great tools!

    At the beginning of the workshop you asked “What are three things you want students to remember about your math class 5 years from now?” I wrote:

    1. An enjoyable experience

    2, Math is relevant to everyday life

    3. That they were understood and appreciated

    I want to update my response:

    I want students remember having fun while learning math (curious learners that received positive feedback)

    I want students to remember the feeling of being successful and walk away still being successful in math (get rid of the fear/anxiety).

    I want students to remember that I, along with their classmates listened to them and supported them,

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