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  • Deanna Semyon

    July 6, 2022 at 11:28 am

    I am new to teaching math courses and yet I know that I need help and I definitely need to get more comfortable with the curriculum. My concern is that I am teaching 4 classes that are new to me. Do I start with one and go through at least the first semester or do I try to do all four, maybe taking a few weeks at time for each class?

    I do like the strategies of “stretch back and warmup to
    a problem involving a topic we haven’t seen in awhile to build that retrieval strength.” That will most likely be far better than warm up based on the previous day or two only. It will also help students feel success and build resilience/confidence. And to do this with independent work as well. These seem doable as I start this new journey!

    For the one block class I can see myself having a Think Back Thursday or Monday Makeover.

    I am embarrassed to say that I do not have a good grasp on the curriculum. I never thought I would teach math, When I started teaching learning support I was a specialized behavioral support teacher and then began coteaching. At one point in the US special education teachers were required to be certified in content areas that they co taught. I cotaught math and English and took the test- passed- and now can supposedly “teach.” The reality is that a special education teacher seldom has time to really look at the curriculum and in the settings I have been in the general education teachers don’t have time to share their plan, so we teach my modeling and assisting…. I know how to do math, but I have not before been responsible for how to teach the math. (A lot of fear right now) I want to make this better for my students and will learn.