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  • Anna Clark

    July 2, 2022 at 2:50 pm

    I’m already on the train with concrete manipulatives! I am so blessed with many friends and people in community who just helped me to purchase ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of manipulatives: algebra tiles, unifix cubes, pattern blocks, fillable 3D shapes, etc. I am ecstatic! I feel really comfortable using algebra tiles in my pre-algebra and algebra 1 classroom, but would love more resources on how to use the pattern blocks and unifix cubes especially connected to my curriculum. I see the opportunity here for students to use manipulatives to work with fractions and sharpen their thinking skills, but struggle with helping them use the manipulatives for more “on topic” work. If anyone has any advice, here are the 10 broad topics I’ll cover in grade 8: solving linear equations (algebra tiles; I also plan to use the unifix cubes with a balancing scale I have. I’ll put a certain number of cubes on the tray and a certain number in a paper bag in such a way that they can’t see or feel how many cubes are in the bag), transformations (of geometric shapes on a coordinate plane, heavy focus on similar figures with the dilation), angles and triangles (angle relationship theorems and vocal words are heavy here), graphing and writing linear equations, data analysis and displays (scatterplots, line of best fit, two-way statistics tables and a VERY basic intro to probability), functions (what is a function, intro to function notation), real numbers and the Pythagorean theorem (intro to square/cube/nth roots, solving equations involving radicals/exponents), and unit 10 is similar solids and volume (esp comparing the volume formulae for 3D shapes). Has anyone here used manipulatives in these units, and how?