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  • Nicolle Ristow

    July 2, 2022 at 11:45 am

    The problem I am working with is How much water is wasted from a dripping faucet? Is it enough to fill a glass, sink, or tub?

    I use this problem with my College Algebra class to introduce the 5 steps of math modeling that are used in the class. This problem would be completed in the first or second week of school.

    Withhold information:

    – how fast is the drip happening

    -the dimension of a glass, sink, or tub

    – size of the drip


    This is the part that I am struggling with because I feel this will come from the notice and wonder discussion. I would ask the students what information we would need to know to answer this questions and talk about how we could get this information. In this part I might also that about what assumptions we are making to help us solve this problem

    Notice and Wonder:

    Show a video of a dripping faucet.


    Estimation the amount of water that is wasted. Estimate which container this amount of water fill: glass, sink, or tub.