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  • Stefania Lambusta

    June 28, 2022 at 10:15 am

    I loved the discourse and conversation happening with the activities. I want to try the headbands. This seems like some work upfront, but can be implemented with different topics. As the activity was unfolding I was thinking we could do this after discussing divisibility rules, vocabulary such as prime, composite, square numbers, also rational numbers/integers/absolute value when they are introduced. Everyone can participate and a little energizer activity of getting students moving. I tried polygraph activities with desmos, that had a similar strategy of asking yes no questions. This worked well for virtual and social distancing, but the headband and moving around the classroom would be a fun change.

    I have used would you rather, which one doesn’t belong and estimation 180 as class openers. I have to look through Math Before Bed and two truths and a lie which are both new. Thank you for sharing all the resources in one place!