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  • Jon

    June 28, 2022 at 5:30 am

    @terry-hill @colegio-markham In this case we took a minute to discuss this. It may have taken longer than a minute or two if the number of minutes was 43 minutes instead of 45, but since it was 3/4 of an hour students grasped writing 3/4 as 0.75 easily .

    This brings about a good point when designing problems or when working on anticipating student solutions.

    We often design problems so that we can build our number sense skills along the way. This means anticipating dedicating a portion of the lesson time to addressing or discussing these ideas.

    It’s a great talking point when you come upon a group who is working on this problem. How did they handle the time conversion? Did they convert the same way? Did they convert to minutes? Did they keep fractional units? Groups will handle this differently. Plan to discuss these differences in the connect stage.

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