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  • Deanna Semyon

    June 23, 2022 at 11:04 am

    Using a textbook math problem of “A car traveled 281 miles at 60 miles per hour. How long did it take to get to destination? (4 hours 41 minutes)

    show video of people traveling different speeds on highway.

    Show a map and ask students about traveling to various destination (how long, who drove, different speeds, different roads, etc)

    Propose a trip that students want to take (such as their class trip to an amusement park).

    Discuss how they would figure out how long it would take.

    Give student a simple trip of 120 miles in 2 hours. Students work it out in pairs.

    Share out answers and discuss.

    Ask students to figure out a trip that is 180 miles in 3 hours.

    Then 200. Students will get a decimal answer if dividing by average of 60 miles per hour. Let students talk about what that means in terms of time and what 3.333 is in terms of time.

    This is where we have to break things down and let everyone know that it is okay to have a decimal answer that we can turn that decimal into minutes.

    Give another example of how far away the class trip to amusement park is and that the bus can travel 60 miles per hour.