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  • Renee Holmquist

    June 22, 2022 at 4:02 pm

    #1 – I do quizzes, partner quizzes, and tests throughout a chapter so that students get multiple points of feedback. I do need to switch up the tests to be cumulative though.

    #2 – On quizzes I purposely do NOT give feedback because I want the students to have the opportunity to find their errors when they do corrections. I will have a conversation with students if they are unable to correct the problem. The quiz becomes more of a “finding the errors” practice after I grade it. For tests, I need to give more descriptive feedback!

    #3 – I do corrections on quizzes and retakes on tests that are under 80%. This follows my department but maybe we should be allowing students to go passed that 80% mark if we want to push their learning forward.

    #4 – We had partial standard based grading going at my school but with Covid it got left behind. I need to work with my PLC to bring back the concept and mold our assessments to follow it.

    #5- I find this one the most challenging because I have 30-36 students in a Geometry class for 50 minutes a day. I do all I can to walk around and listen to conversations but it doesn’t seem possible to give conversation based retakes, even if they are 5 minutes, to every student that wants it. I am going to have to talk with my colleagues in this class and see what we can come up with!

    #6- I am all on board for this! Like you said grading long tests is not fun so smaller chunks make it more manageable. I do wonder, do you use multiple choice problems at all? With all the multiple choice testing they have to do for State test and National tests (ACT/SAT), is it beneficial to give them the opportunity to practice with that type of question?

    #7- Our gradebook does not set us up for observation grades very well! I have no problem reporting on progress even if a unit hasn’t been completed though.

    #8- This is an easy change for me and one that I think will be super beneficial for all the levels I teach!

    #9- I am GUILTY of these days. By eliminating these I now have more time to spend on activities and making math moments which will balance out my anxiety of “covering everything.”

    #10 – I do try to do this already and tell students that the test is easier than the practice they have been doing. It is a chance to show me what we have been doing. Not all buy in but I am trying.