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  • Julie Gonzales

    June 22, 2022 at 1:22 pm

    This style of lesson totally lends itself to all levels of students. The task provides an entry point for students to be able to problem solve (from special ed students to gifted and talented students). Special ed students can feel successful by solving the problem in a way that makes sense to them while at the same time the more advanced student can challenge himself to solve it in as many ways possible. But the true value of this style of lesson can be found in the discussion taking place when students explain their thinking while others are listening (and at times critiquing) and questioning their classmates about solutions. This critical thinking piece is so important for students to be able to understand and internalize the mathematics they are discovering. This is far better than the sage on the stage approach I started my career with!

    My only hesitation for this type of lesson is getting other teachers to see the value of them. As a math specialist and coach, I have some teachers who just want to follow the curriculum they have been handed without thinking through the lesson in terms of how to spark that curiosity in students and fueling that sense making in students. Getting teachers to realize there are moments they can capture for students to do the thinking instead of doing that thinking for them. I realize that part of it is the stress of a new curriculum and teachers doing what they need to survive. But my job is to figure out how to spark curiosity in my teachers and fuel THEIR sense making about math. I have got a lot to think about for teachers 🙂