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  • Colegio Markham

    June 5, 2022 at 5:39 pm

    It all makes complete sense, love the riding a bike course, I was actually laughing! very memorable and also very true.

    I will use it tomorrow I will teach ordering fractions and I found a WDYR that has somewhat difficult fractions (one has denominator 14!) which is great to show that actually cutting the cake it is not very easy or accurate. They know how to make equivalent fractions now but last time we did the wooly worm race all of them used the number line strategy to find the winner and I did not have time to go through finding the common denominator. I wonder if the WDYR will too much tension too soon. We’ll see what happens! I suppose it is a productive struggle for me as well learning from feedback and tweaking. Luckily I get to teach the same lesson again as I have 2 classes in grade 5.