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  • Jared Sliger

    May 28, 2022 at 10:08 am

    I have created a lesson similar to this one where the students have to calculate whether the entry for the “largest uncooked spaghetti noodle” competition will fit inside certain boxes. after processing the “Corner to Corner” problem I think my problem needs some revision.

    -I realized I didn’t include any of the Curiosity Path, all I really did was take a text problem and re-write it in a different context. There was no establishing of a reason to solve the problem. I even went as far as writing out the steps to solve the problem. Didn’t really even give them a chance to do any thinking on their own.

    So, I am going to come up with a different way to set the problem.

    -I don’t know why I couldn’t re-enact the first part of the lesson (the hook) with the students in the room? Maybe even get a student or two involved holding string.

    -It might even spark a little more curiosity to run out of string on the way there…which would ask the question without me having to ask.

    – I was also thinking about filming the video starting with me stretching some string from the corner out into the room (along the diagonal) and then once I have some stretched, then picking it up and heading for the opposite corner

    -after the video I would have the students complete a notice and wonder table on the groups NPVS. Once they have had some time and I have noticed the ones we need. I will compile a list on one of the boards.

    -once we have collected that list then we will be ready to make our estimations. All the while we can be looking for the step of how will we measure this…what tools will we need to solve this problem. Can we find the distance without actually measuring the distance.

    -Once we have the method and have made some attempts I will give them the measurements of the room. I think it would be interesting to not use traditional measurements…if we used only string and made them base the measurements on something else…like the length of the desk.

    -I’d love to ask an extension problem…if I did this from both corners, where would the strings meet?