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  • Kyle Pearce

    May 16, 2022 at 7:09 am

    What a brave soul you are to head down this path. We too did not know why “multiplying and flipping the second” worked and that caused us to go down a huge journey that is necessary for building conceptual understanding.

    Since there are two types of division (who knew!) I might start there first with the Sowing Seeds unit. Then, look at Planting Flowers to dig a bit deeper. Then I’d head to Salting the Driveway and Pizza Party. The teacher guides are really explicit and will help you along that journey. Also there is a session on division from last years Virtual Summit by Yvette Lehman that would be helpful.

    As for books – there are some on fractions in general, but I haven’t seen any that really help with the dividing of fractions partly due to the fact that most ignore (or are unaware) of the fact that there are two types of division.