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  • Kami Fevery

    May 15, 2022 at 11:09 am

    Through my observation, PD and personal experience over the past couple years, I have slowly developed a fascination for the word “grit”. I have watched my students, as well as, myself, slowly loosing the skill of grit over time. Mental exhaustion has taken a toll on lots of us, that to me has implications on math class. This has caused me to look holistically at this skill and wonder if there are even exercises outside of math class (or involve math less explicitly) that can be used to support development of “grit” or productive struggle in Math Class. I have also done some reflection with Peter Liljedahl’s work on randomized groupings. I feel this path of the Hero’s Journey could also be applied as students struggle to engage with unfamiliar peers. Thinking of how to support the develop of grit, I am wondering the impact of offering more concrete or kinaesthetic challenges, at the beginning of the year to slowly help develop a community of gritty, struggle loving learners.

    I also am personally reflecting on using this language with learners. I am all about using key communicators to help a student recognize their own state of learning. This is why I love that you have provided this concept with a relatable connection to movie heroes for me the learner. The thought of Nemo, just living the rest of his life in the Dentist fish tank, leaving Marlin with no one to keep himself grounded in the challenges of Dori’s forgetfulness, just saddens me. I am thinking of coin phrase I could use for students when they are struggling to push through the productive struggle.