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  • Rebecca Hyde

    May 9, 2022 at 1:08 pm

    The most interesting thought I had with this section is the idea that a book or movie that is super easily predictable is boring, whereas a book or movie that you have to work to figure out, or that the hero has to overcome unexpected obstacles or hard obstacles is always more interesting.

    For math class, the struggle is what can draw the kids in…and the ability to figure out how to solve that struggle and bring other students along…this keeps the students engaged. In particularly, the students who are high ceiling. I’ve experienced it so far with some of the lessons I’ve taught with this idea in the past week. My highest end student was literally bouncing in her seat, bursting with the answers as the other students were contemplating. But she was excited and involved, rather than bored and distracted.

    On the other hand, my students who struggle in class to pay attention and learn the material, were engaged and working. Some were finding answers while others were anxious for a pattern or algorithm to solve the problems. When they received more information, they were excited and could see why that particular pattern would be used to solve the problem.

    I love this! Thank you!!