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  • Zorica Lloyd

    April 21, 2022 at 11:00 am

    I tend to do #1-3 and #5 pretty regularly. #5 especially let’s me understand what students know, but can’t yet communicate concisely. For this reflection, i’ll focus on #8 & #9. I often dislike cumulative assessments because I find that we often give them without having taught students in a way that would allow them to remember previous material. We often teach a unit, test, then not mention the content. And at the end of the year or semester or year ask students to take a test that includes material we haven’t referenced in months. But, if spiraling, then cumulative tests are an excellent idea and allows students remain accountable for everything they’ve learned throughout the year, while also showing them that math topics don’t have to be taught as silos.

    This also eliminates the need for study guides and review days. If we are constantly seeking to deepen understanding rather than just memorize, then we don’t need one off tools.