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  • Brian Hudson

    April 17, 2022 at 11:03 pm

    With my lessons this week, it was tough for me to think of ideas to get students to notice and wonder and get students interested in learning about trigonometry. Usually at the beginning of lessons, I try to tell students how we can use the concepts to solve real-world problems and of course I told students about how trig has a lot of applications in physics, engineering, etc and showed a simple diagram of what they’d see in physics with a force diagram, so that’s my way of getting students interested in the lesson. I’m excited to learn about notice and wonder activities I could do with my students with trig!

    With teaching trig, though, I did promote estimation with thinking about reference angles and which quadrant certain angle measures in both degrees and radians would end up. Before even having them implement the formula for changing from degrees to radians or radians to degrees, I promote thinking about it and estimating about which quadrant it should end up in.