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  • Dawn Oliver

    April 15, 2022 at 8:36 pm

    I am not sure how my district uses assessments to evaluate students for the regular school day. I am lucky to have the option to choose how to assess my students for credit recovery. Recently I have been teaching a topic 1 to 2 days, and then they have a short assessment. I would then have a short final assessment at the end of a unit. I may try using the standards based grading this quarter or next year. I have used some standards based grading in the past, and like it for the most part. I like that the students can retake or reassess just a part of a quiz or standard instead of retaking the entire test. I also like how standards based grading can show a growth perspective to students. I am not sure if I agree on the eliminating reviews or study guides. I feel as a student, when I would create my own study guide or cheat sheet it helped me immensely. Although, I was definitely a test crammer, but not for math. It is hard to cram for a math test. You really just need to practice each kind of problem or concept. I think giving Cumulative Tests would cause even more cramming unless you were given the opportunity to master standards you failed previously. I think review days could be eliminated by doing multiple representations of the content or giving an assessment that covers many concepts in like a small number of problems. I agree with shorter more frequent assessments with less concepts is the best practice. I try to be thoughtful about grading comments to help students learn from their mistakes. I also give them feedback, without out a grade to promote more learning.