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  • Dawn Oliver

    April 15, 2022 at 5:15 pm

    My plan:

    A – Attention: find a video or image that represents a system of equations that is relatable to the class. For example: a budgeting question for a party with pizzas and donuts.

    You have a budget of $125 for a party. You are responsible for buying pizza and donuts. Each pizza costs $9 and a dozen of donuts cost $5. Which would be best with your budget: Twice as many pizzas per donut? Or Twice as many donuts per pizza?

    G – Generate: Hopefully this situation will ignite some discussion and/or arguments about which option would be better to have twice as more than the other item.

    E – Emotions: I think the emotions would be high, because the problem is relatable, and most people love donuts or pizza and possibly both like I do. This will hopefully help them remember this problem in their memory.

    S – Spacing: The topic of Systems of Equations could be taught over a few weeks and extended to Systems of Inequalities.