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  • Fernando Perez

    April 12, 2022 at 2:41 am

    An original question asked whether a plane could fit underneath an arch, the information given was the plane dimensions and the arch dimensions as well as the high at which the plane needed to fly. This question didn’t open much room to imagination so this is what I did:

    The question title slightly changed to “Can the Qatar Airways Airbus 380 fit underneath Al-Wakra bridge?” This way, the question was about a local company and a local bridge in the city (Doha, Qatar). Students were lost a the beginning and realized they needed to find information about the plane, and also about the bridge, indeed, they were required to find that information online and no more info was given to them, they even have to think about the height at which the plane should fly and whether it was realistic or not. There was a great deal of noticing and wondering, anticipation, estimation and, of course, withholding information.