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  • Fernando Perez

    April 12, 2022 at 2:24 am

    Good techniques to practice in order to get student interest, participation and achievement. I enjoy applying withholding information to my advanced classes as they critically know more info is needed almost right away. My lower level classes could work for a bit until they realize they do need extra info to move on. Estimation is also a great technique, I always try to ask students where the answer should be (could it be negative?, is it a large number? what units should it have? What values would make sense?) and thus try to have them “live” the problem as a personal experience to be better at estimation.

    Noticing and wondering is a good way to start a question, so they can wondering what info is provided, what is needed and the overall goal of the task. Finally, anticipation is interesting too, from my point of view, it’s lower in level of importance compared to the others, I think some kids don’t fully need anticipation in order to successfully solve a task and to gain full understanding of it.