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  • Katrina van Lierop

    April 7, 2022 at 7:56 pm

    #1 – Thankyou so much for the idea of getting students to talk me through their incorrect responses on an assessment. I was stressing about how many “retest” questions I was going to have to create and where I was going to find the time. Putting the responsibility on their shoulders is great. However, it is constantly a problem to get students to come in on their own time…

    #2 – I never thought about seeing the grade affecting the effectiveness of descriptive feed back. This one I will definitely try. I assume I still record a level of understanding in my books.

    4 – Assessing by learning strand is something I’ve been doing more of lately. It sure make reporting back to parent easier as I can look back and see exactly where a student is succeeding and struggling.

    5 – I know Kyle described having a spreadsheet open in class so he could record things on teh fly…I find this incredibly difficult to manage, I can barely get my attendance done on time lol. I would love to get there some day though

    6, 8,9 – Through the pandemic I have switched to test day Fridays. It was a great way to wrap things up before the class I was seeing left for a whole week. I didn’t have to worry about brain drain. I have continued that now that we are back to a more normal semester, I love the way I don’t need to take a review day, and the students have their weekends free. It also makes for a shorter assessment to mark. One thing I will add is a question or 2 from prior learning…

    10 – Assessment for learning, that is going to take a hge cultural shift for me as a teacher and the students. I think eliminating grades will help. I may give this a try for teh rest of this semester.