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  • Laura Compean

    April 4, 2022 at 4:40 pm

    Having the kids talking, making sense of a question, seeing different ways the answer can be found is AMAZING!! I really am blown away by this. I started using Calc-Medic these past two weeks on finding area and volumes of revolution in AP Calculus. Mind you, I just threw this new type of learning at the kids for the first time. So many students were apprehensive about not being given the notes or fear of getting the problem wrong. If I started the year off with this type of learning, we will have more success. Many of my normal struggling students loved this way because they were interactive the entire time. They were using their creative side that doesn’t get to show up when I give them boring notes. More kids are definitely engaged throughout the lesson. My reservation is fear of change and having enough time to get through the standards. I don’t know how long to let the kids discover the lesson before I swoop in to tell them. I know that is wrong, but I’m still learning.