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  • Jonathan Lind

    April 3, 2022 at 10:52 pm

    This is a really boring example, but in a recent coordinate geometry unit, I had a plan to do a

    First lesson: problem solving/ reasoning lesson with a variety of problems involving lines, circles, and quadrilaterals on the coordinate plane

    Next lesson: partitioning line segments in ratios, which is one of the trickier skills in the unit, and the last new skill the students learn.

    From some individual formative work during the first lesson, it was clear that the majority still needed some practice on basic skills like distance, slope, etc, so going to the second lesson would probably have been a disaster.

    Pivot lesson: students who needed it worked on practice problems from DeltaMath or Khan Academy, with my support or in groups. Students who didn’t worked on a Desmos activity to apply some of the skills they new to unusual situations. The entire class then moved on to partitioning together. It was a needed break from the rushed pace, and got us all back on track together.