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  • Katrina van Lierop

    April 2, 2022 at 7:35 am

    This week I will be introducing adding and subtracting polynomials.

    Attention: I am using the Burger shack clip from Jon Orr to introduce the idea of grouping like items to create a simpler expression.

    Gernerate: Students will then need to generate a solution to the Question “How much will the order cost?” After looking at Student representations of the solution we will look at which method was faster. Students typically collect the like items together naturally, they just don’t express it in algebraic form. We will then be able to give purpose to variables as opposed to some abstract thing that has no meaning. Students will then work on creating their own representations of various “orders” .

    Emotion: This is a tough one. I don’t really know how to create an emotional connection here. Help?!

    Spacing: This is not the first time we have discused variables so we are revisiting a concepts previously discussed. I will also be bringing the concept of collecting like terms up in a later lesson in linear relations and again in solving equations. I am kinda flying by the seat of my pants this year with the new curriculum and no long range spiralled plan. Unfortunately I had to dive in the deep end, so I am trying to adjust my Silo as I go….