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  • Tarini Arte

    March 30, 2022 at 10:39 pm

    After returning to in-person learning this past month, one of my SEL activities for students has been to play “Sticky Ball”, with a target of points on the whiteboard and a suction cup ball to throw onto it. Our Math 8 Honors happened to also be in our Quadratics unit. I think a great use of the AGES model could be to incorporate problems with Sticky Ball directly into the math curriculum standards of quadratics. This game hooks student attention like nothing else. A problem with it could definitely gain their attention. I could use goals like where should we launch the ball to consistently get the most points. Would it hit the ceiling and break the lights? How far would you need to stand, how tall a height would be beneficial? Which students might perform the best knowing this information, which classes? An adaptation of it for my Standard Gr. 8 sections could be to model it with linear functions but be aware we are making assumptions (this can push them to think about various functions too). I can only imagine such a project bringing positive associations. Hope I can implement it next year or even as an activity or competition end of this year!