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  • Kami Fevery

    March 26, 2022 at 4:09 pm

    I am currently working on a rhythm, feeling out where and when it works to get the most impact from the 3-act math tasks. This unit, I decided to implement the strategy suggested where we started with the hardest idea of the topic. (I believe this was a suggestion on one if the podcasts) In this case we started with Pizza Party and finished our unit with Salting the Driveway, where I actually used Salting the Driveway as a final assessment. The curiosity of what I would do for a task based final assessment developed lots of interesting questions and comments. While I have tried to work hard for the past couple of years to get away from a grade focused mentality, where my student don’t actually receive a grade until their report cards, instead using a combination of just feedback and then some descriptive attainments (aka meeting expectations). However, some of them still have the mentality of doing well. I also think though this comes from a mentality of wanting to find success with something that they have worked hard at. At the beginning of the year many students shared with me that they struggled with fractions. We therefore took lots of time to revisit and I actually taught them all a new visual strategy with fractions (fraction ladder method). This may then all contributed to the excitement with this fraction task. I did still get the famous question “what does this have to do with math”…even though we have done these 3-act math tasks before. I have realized though as well that it takes time for kids to make the mindset transition of seeing math as an everyday thing. With them experiencing years and years of math being understood through algorithm of numbers, it takes time to get them to see math and much more than numbers and step patterns. Overall, though I will say as a collective whole, I saw a lot more positive faces turning in their assessment this time round using a 3-act math task rather than a traditional pencil and paper test. I still have lots of questions on assessment but I will save that for another reflection. : ) I have added photos of some responses.