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  • Kerri Brodie

    March 23, 2022 at 8:29 pm

    We have started talking about spiraling at length in my PLC meetings lately. We use a problem solving process in in our district and we noticed that students were not doing very well on Free Response Questions on our state tests. We made a hypothesis that they just did not know how to approach the problems (i.e. reading, organizing info, etc.) so we implemented a strategy to help them do those things and did not see much in the way of improvement. It seemed that the students did well on the questions they had just learned but not on the ones form past units. Thus we started talking about spiraling. I also just listened to the Podcast episode about spiraling so I am really excited to figure out how to incorporate this into our curriculum. I am really excited to learn more in this unit!

    The one question that always comes up with this is when we expect mastery of a particular topic. Many of my teachers have had experience with a spiraled curriculum and they felt like that piece was missing so I am curious to learn more.

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