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  • Kerri Brodie

    March 23, 2022 at 8:12 pm

    This week I will be teaching a lesson on graphing sine functions. In order to grab the students’ attention, I will show them a video of a ferris wheel with images of me and my dog (who they love hearing about) in a cart. We will do a notice and wonder. Then I will ask them to generate data regarding what they see. The will have a choice of using a graph, a table or a diagram. Our height off the ground as a function of time will be highlighted when I pause the video at intervals. They will work in groups which we are finally able to do again! To create those graphs. Students will do a “gallery walk” to see what the other groups have created and then we will discuss this as a class. This connection with peers should elicit some emotion and discussion with the the students to address that part of the learning. Since we have been studying the unit circle and trig ratios, I think this lesson will fit nicely in order to allow them to make connections with their prior learning.