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  • Terry Hill

    March 19, 2022 at 10:30 pm

    I have attached a PDF that shows the original problem and the PowerPoint that I used to do the problem following the Curiosity Path. I started them out with Notice and Wonder, and wrote down everything everyone said. This seemed to really start off very well. I made sure to get at least one notice or one wonder from every student, and while a couple simply said theirs was the same as another student’s answer, most of them gave some very good answers. As we worked through the problem, gradually releasing information, it seemed to go pretty good as well. (The blank page in the PowerPoint was so we could draw the three fields and then try to first guess, and then second, figure out their dimensions.) Overall I thought the lesson went very well and I did see more participation than usual. However, it did seem like it took a very, very long time to cover one problem, and there still seemed to be some confusion about what the problem was really all about.

    I did show the students the original problem after we had completed it using the gradual release of information, and most agreed they liked the way we did it better than just being given the problem. Some even stated that it helped them to understand what the question was actually asking them, which was great.