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  • Mary Olsen

    March 10, 2022 at 4:09 pm

    I hated having to get students to memorize properties in the abstract. But I love showing them to students to help make work easier. Some students pick up on this right away and use it as a tool to make adding simpler. Other students more rigid in their thinking have trouble with this. I am working on helping students be more flexible in my Algebra Readiness class. Today we were doing an escape room on integer addition and subtraction and I was encouraging students to add the numbers in the order that was easier for them. I have had students break apart numbers and add them differently when we do number talks. I have not talked about that being the associative property. I will definitely have students look at why we can break up numbers and add them in different orders.

    I wonder if there are practices I can do in class to help my students that struggle with flexibility in math. I do number talks and I try to encourage my students that are steeped in the algorithm to try a strategy another student showed us or one that I have shown the class. But I would like to find other ways to help students try these different properties even if they do not know the property name.