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  • Mary Olsen

    March 7, 2022 at 6:21 pm

    The meaning of 11 and 12 is interesting for sure. I wish students in younger grades really had the opportunity to truly understand place value. In my number talks with students when I give them equations like 127 – 279 when explaining their answers I will have students say added the one and the 2 to get 3. and I added the 2 and the 7 to get 9. Often because they are not thinking of the place values the numbers represent they then just add the 9 and the three. I have been emphasizing that even when adding number mentally you need to keep the place values in mind so that you understand the real value of the number. Adding 100 and 200 to get 300 makes it much easier to keep track of the other numbers they are mentally adding. Student have improved keeping the place values as they solve problems with their mental math. But this also makes me wonder it they really understand what those place values mean. I often come into class thinking 7th graders must understand this but this is not always so.