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  • Lizann “Lizzie” Herrera

    February 24, 2022 at 12:17 am

    The original text book problem is attached below. I would modify this problem to be delivered in the following order:

    1. Han is planning to ride his bike 24 miles.

    2. WDYN/WDYW

    3. How long will it take? (hopefully comes up in the wonder)

    4. Ask, what do we need to know to answer this question? Make an assumption (how fast Han goes) and an estimate (how long it will take)

    5. Give info: If Han goes 3 mph?

    6. 4mph?

    7. 6mph?

    8. Can we make a graph that represents this? (use Desmos)

    9. Generalize an equation that Han can use to find the time it takes to ride 24 miles at r (any) mph

    10. consolidate – t=24/r where t is the time it will take, r is the rate Han rides the bike, and 24 is the miles (how far) Han rides.