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  • Tarini Arte

    February 20, 2022 at 2:22 am

    I have used Rounds 2,3,5,6 in some capacities in the past. New ones to me are the Estimation and Headbands, both of which seem fantastic. Headbands is similar to Desmos Polygraphs that can also be great to link students virtually in a similar way but obviously I much prefer the in-person discussion. Would You Rather allows for some great deeper critical-thinking and reasoning as well, putting problems in “real-world” contexts that students may see more frequently. What I like about Estimation180 is that it is such a huge skill that we often don’t focus on, but can bolster a lot of important pieces with logic and reasoning. It can also get that student investment to see how close they get! In my class last week, at the end of class, students just randomly started doing bottle flips with Gatorade and were struggling with how much liquid was left in it. I think I might do your Flippity Flip Flip bottle estimation just to kick off a lesson since they were intrigued by it.