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  • Stephanie Pritchett

    February 18, 2022 at 12:46 pm

    The original problem is looking at a positive exponential function and having students make observations in regards to the negative x values. It also asks students to complete a related table that matches the graph. Students are asked to look for patterns in the graph and to use fractions so they can see those patterns.

    I decided to remove the prompt about looking at x when it became negative. I just asked students to notice and wonder. Removing a specific focus, opened it up for all students to engage in any way that was possible for them.

    My goal was to add in small small pieces of information that would engage my students further into the problem. I asked them to look at the points on the graph and determine inputs and outputs and to gather that information into a table and to notice and wonder about patterns that emerged.

    My special ed students needed a lot of guidance on completing the table. I did want them to use fractions, so they could compare positive and negative exponents.

    After the initial notice and wonder my students really struggled connecting the relationships and completing the table.

    I’m wondering if I needed to back off and go over reciprocals and fractions to strengthen their overall concept of fractions.

    After the lesson, my gut response was “good attempt.” My students who struggle with math were engaged initially. I struggled with keeping their curiosity through the process of the lesson.