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  • Tarini Arte

    February 5, 2022 at 4:19 am

    What I really loved about this activity is that it immediately grabs your attention and makes you wonder. Anyone in the room, student or adult, would be intrigued by the “hook” of the video due to its silliness and absurdity. From there, notes are used as a way to organize our thoughts and wonderings into clearer structure. As opposed to traditional lessons, students have the chance to dive into their curiosity here, ask meaningful questions and investigate various avenues. Like you mentioned in the clip, there is room for low floors and high ceilings, and differentiation. The joy and challenge of this type of lesson is its lack of predictability, but that also makes me feel hopeful about it. Good preparation ahead of time might alleviate that. Finally, I’m really a fan of how it can then be used to connect an algebra unit on linear functions to geometry and bring it back full circle. I can see this moment lasting in students’ minds for sure. Hope to use this soon if possible!