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  • Cori Thompson

    February 1, 2022 at 2:09 pm

    I did this task today. We had to take a break, because… Covid last week. Haha, but the kids jumped right back in today.

    We spent A LOT of time on the first sense making task. I had them make an estimate with their partner then get together wtih another partner to convince the other group. This didn’t go great, they couldn’t convince any one to change their minds… So I had them share their solutions under the document camera to try to convince the class. It turned more into a lesson about how to convince others. Once they presented to the class a couple kids changed their minds… some to incorrect answers, but we discussed HOW their minds were changed. One group had a detailed diagram and another group told the others they measured using a ruler…. that group was way off, but we were able to talk about skills to convince others, which will be helpful I think! I’m excited to try the next part tomorrow.