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  • Rachael Young

    January 20, 2022 at 12:12 am

    While I found some of these affirming of my current practice and aligning well with the guidelines and pedagogies within which I have to work, others were definitely more of a challenge and some I can’t see getting past my teaching team and Head of Maths, at least not in the short term.

    #1 – Not possible within current structure. We currently teach in units / chapters and do not revisit unless the concept is related to a later concept (eg fractions → probability). We also do not report on specific learning goals/ concepts within the Australian Curriculum – as an independent IB World School we are not required to and I have been instructed to remove the specific learning goals/ concepts with my “Got it / getting there/ not yet” columns from tests.

    #2 – We do try to do this as much as possible, but I hadn’t heard the suggestion by Wiliams to remove any grades from the feedback

    #3 – Currently some teachers allow more traditional retests but not under this model. We dont have a school wide policy on ‘resubs’ in the Middle School so it’s up to each teacher to decide their own policy. Something to think about.

    #4 – I have certainly kept ‘running records’ of individual learning goals/ concepts in the past but as previously said we don’t report on these. We report/ assess each unit, which includes a number of learning goals.

    #5 – I think this is the one I want to explore most as I don’t do enough of it at the moment but it will challenge my own lack of Maths knowledge/ ability to be able to try to get the best out of and move forward every student!

    #6 – I feel like our current tests and assessments are too big! Definitely worth thinking about.

    #7 – We don’t do any kind of ‘final’ report cards because we use ‘continuous reporting’ – every time a teacher gives written assessment the parents can see it straight away. It is still only the ‘bigger’ and ‘important’ summative assessments that get recorded though.

    #8 – I’m nt sure what this means but it seems to conflict with points I already made about the way we ‘chunk’ concepts and units

    #9 – This is a BIG challenge – we do use practice tests, ‘cheat sheets’ etc and we feel we are doing the students a favour by doing so! This needs a lot of thinking about

    #10 – We do TRY to do this but when you only pay the idea lip service rather than a major pedagogical change students know it!