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  • Kerri Brodie

    January 12, 2022 at 12:41 pm

    This lesson style is different from the typical math lesson in that there is a lot less direction from the teacher and students are exploring and talking. It is giving students a chance to explore and share ideas. This is so important because students need to talk and discuss to learn!

    I have noticed that my students this year are less talkative and I have to really coax them into sharing their thoughts in class. I think this is because they got so used to not doing that when learning remotely and it makes me so sad and frustrated! I have tried doing some notice and wonder activities with them and it does seem to get them to share a little bit more.

    One thing that makes me nervous about this is time but I think that the benefits outweigh that. I liked how Kyle said you can refer back to the problem to help students remember the math! I think that is so helpful.