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  • Rachael Young

    January 12, 2022 at 5:38 am

    I’m open to these ideas but still feeling a bit scared! I can’t see my teaching team agreeing to this one -certainly not for 2022. I already proposed the idea of a portfolio of assessment rather than standard assessments which everyone does and it wasn’t well received. I do like the idea of creating a table of learning goals for each student and giving stars and comments but it sounds like it would take a lot of maintenance, and therefore a lot of time. I’m also not always sure how to be sure that the student understands the concept individually rather than repeating what another student has done or told them – which is a benefit of traditional, individual, ‘eyes on your own work’ tests. I’m not sure how to decide on the order of the concepts – I can see that some concepts lead naturally to others or need to be covered first but others I’m not sure about. We also have already integrated as much of our Maths curric as possible with other subjects, so our hands feel a bit tied in this respect as well. Not saying no, just saying more thinking is needed!