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  • Rachael Young

    January 7, 2022 at 11:32 pm

    I haven’t heard much about spiralling – maybe it’s not such an Australian thing, or maybe just because i’m not a Math specialist – but the research shown here seems pretty solid. I think we lean towards blocking because of that idea that it gives students a chance to build each day on the concepts learned the day before, but hearing about that “illusion of fluency” gives a strong counter argument to that. If I didn’t arrange lessons by blocking of concepts I’m not sure how I’d arrange them – everything would feel a bit piecemeal and like you are just jumping around? I’d love to know how Jon and Kyle plan a yearlong curriculum – how do you get a feeling of continuity? Also, we have been keeping students on the Autism Spectrum at the front of our planning recently and we are told that ASD students need to know what the learning is going to be about to fulfil their need for routine – how do balance that with a spiralling curriculum? Thanks!