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  • Rachael Young

    January 7, 2022 at 1:55 am

    I can’t think of specific examples but I do know I had to pivot a lot in 2021 because my class in general was not strong mathematically. I had a lot of “Maths refusers” (eg take 20 mins to find a pencil and another 20 to rule up the page and , oh look at that, it’s the end of the lesson) and a lot of them just weren’t ready to tackle the Year 7 concepts so I found myself pivoting back to Year 6 concepts frequently. I tried to do this in engaging ways (explorations, competitions, situations which gave them the chance to wrk together and talk) but some of them were really hard to engage because they only came to school for the social side. What made it really hard was having 2 or 3 students who were years AHEAD of the curriculum so trying to keep them progressing in this environment was hard! I stocked up the classroom with hands-on manipulatives (which most students refused to use because they were ‘babyish’), whiteboards and markers to try to make learning more concrete and visual and didn’t worry too much about formulae if it didn’t seem like they would understand or remember them. I’m sure I’ll cop it from their Year 8 teachers this year but hey, you do what you need to to survive!