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  • Patricia Scheler

    January 4, 2022 at 12:39 pm

    Original Problem: Shari had 24 charms on her bracelet. The bracelet broke and the charms fell off. Shari found 17 of the charms. How many were lost?

    Changed Problem: Show a picture of the bracelet and don’t say anything. After some time, show a picture of the broken
    bracelet with some of the charms missing? Ask students what they notice and wonder.

    Estimation: I could show a close up of the charms on the floor. Students could how
    many charms are on the floor. I could also show the bracelet after the charms are put back on. I could ask whether or not the charms are
    identical. Did Shari find them or did she purchase some more?

    I think this is a little harder to do with younger age groups, but I can see the point in expanding the imagination of our learners.