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  • Serina Signorello

    December 30, 2021 at 3:35 pm

    The idea of cumulative assessments, although daunting because it is so new, definitely makes sense especially when students need to be prepared to assess on all the topics at the end of the year. I am working on the “timeliness” of returning my assessments, but feel fewer questions will definitely aid in that process. Does this mean removing all end of unit assessments or just to also include topics from earlier in the year? I feel this may make the assessment too long.

    As much as I like the ideas from this video, I feel some of them are going to take me time to wrap my head around them. For example #3, our policy in my district was that the students could reassess one assessment in a marking period. Students completing quiz corrections, me grading to see if they understand and reteaching during study halls and after school, creating new review questions, and new quiz questions and grading them takes up a large amount of time. Do conversations with the student count as reassessing?

    In Strategy 4 you discuss standards based learning, I’ve never done this before and I was overwhelmed when I tried to wrap my head around it. I believe this may take a while to figure out. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get started? When giving a test on the standards used in a previous quiz, do you enter an entire new grade with the same standard or do you adjust that mark based on the new assessment? If so, do you ever go down a mark if it seems they are totally confused still?

    I’ve started implementing smaller, more frequent assessments and cumulative assessments, however my district requires review guides in IEPs and my supervisor feels you should always let the students know what to expect on their assessments. My review day’s have just become practice and learning material days.

    This year has been particularly difficult in implementing new things since my students are relearning how to be students. Just the idea of studying for an assessment seems foreign to them and they are used to taking tests and quizzes online with the internet and photomath, they are disappointed every time I inform them their quiz is on paper.