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  • Merrillee Reboullet

    December 12, 2021 at 11:00 pm

    My biggest take-away is how much student curiosity is vital to their engagement and thus their learning. I have already started to use a problem-solving teaching approach (starting there rather than finishing there) and it has not only been revealing, but a lot of fun. Students love being challenged and trying to find different ways to solve the problem. I have been surprised and impressed by how many times the things they notice and wonder lead perfectly into the targeted problem…which is validating for them and exciting for the class.

    Another big take-away for me is how important models are to help students communicate their understanding and link spatial reasoning with more abstract thinking. This has been a very informative class for me.

    The only regret I have is that I can’t just use the curiosity tasks as they are presented because I teach in a French Immersion context. I have had to find other sources, make adjustments to eliminate the text in English or just create my own, which is disappointing since yours are so well-done. I know you have thought of this aspect, but it would be great to see more French content, or at least less content with so much English text in the images so it is a little more adaptable to diverse cultures. At the moment I am tempted to upgrade to an academy member but not sure how much I would really be able to access the content…

    A great course though and I don’t regret taking it. Thanks.